About The Event

Welcome to Women's Health Fair Portishead

WELCOME to our first annual Women’s Health Fair in Portishead on International Women’s Day 8th March 2020 at Portishead Youth Centre. Severn Physiotherapy and Portishead Parent have a vision to raise awareness of women’s health and wellbeing in our local area.

We are providing an event to bring together women’s health and wellbeing professionals from the NHS and private sector, to help empower girls and women to ask questions about their healthcare and know where to go for information, advice and treatment. This is an arena to break down taboos and to have open discussion about symptoms, queries and health issues that are not generally talked about but often lead to preventable long term problems which can affect physical, social and emotional health of women and their families.

We want to start conversations with and between local women about symptoms such as about exercise when pregnant, about nutrition for menstruation, incontinence when you run/jump/sneeze/laugh after having a baby, about fear of falling when you feel less steady on your feet as you get older, about menopause, about managing pelvic pain and many more topics. We are very lucky to have excellent professionals who are volunteering their time and expertise in these areas to support our community in having these discussions in an informal environment on International Women’s Day. We hope this will educate and empower people who attend the event to seek help for symptoms they might be embarrassed to talk about. In turn we hope that women will spread the messages they learn from the event and share the knowledge about what to look out for and who to get help from around these issues.

On the day there will be a series of talks by healthcare professionals from our community such as local GPs, gynaecologists, consultants, physiotherapists and more. These are free to attend but are ticketed on Eventbrite to manage numbers.

There will be a series of exercise taster classes lasting 30 minutes with experienced instructors who are skilled at managing women with symptoms such as prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic floor problems, osteoporosis, balance issues and more. These are also free to attend but again are ticketed to ensure safe numbers in the room at any one time.

The main hall will be packed with stalls showcasing products and services which can help women manage their health and wellbeing. There will be free tote bags which you can fill on the day with information, freebies and notes from any sessions you attend.

We very much look forward to seeing you on the day and please book your tickets via Eventbrite. For anyone who cannot attend or wants to look back on the talks we are hoping to video them and have them on our website after the event.