Helen Jane Jewellery


Hi I’m Helen and I am Bristol based jeweller selling sterling silver pieces that can be worn everyday. I also make a selection of acrylic and wood keyrings. About me……I wanted a change of direction in my life, I had worked in education for 20 years and my heart was not in it anymore. So I was lucky to be able to go part-time and took up a jewellery making course, 1 evening a week. I did this on and off for 3 years. People started asking me if I could make them something. So gradually I started selling items through Instagram and then finally in 2019 I decided to do my first arts trail. Since then as the story goes is history. I try and do one market/event a month. I also am very lucky to be part of Knowle West Media Centre, who have supported me by running courses and having big equipment to use in order for me to make my keyrings. I am trying very hard to be as sustainable as possible. For the jewellery wherever possible I use eco-silver handmade in my back room in Whitchurch and the keyrings are made from wood offcuts and normally acrylic off cuts. Plus everything that i make can be used more than once. Because everything is handmade it is all unique one off pieces, so nobody else will have the same. I really enjoy having flexibility in my work and love getting positive feedback from people who have been kind enough to support my small business.