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Dr Claire Ashley

General Practitioner and Medical Aesthetician


Dr Ashley is a practicing GP and became interested in skin care when she decided that, at the age of 28, she needed to tackle her adult acne.  Now having been trained by some of the top medical aestheticians in the UK, she is able to provide medical aesthetic treatments. She runs clinics in Robert John Hair and Beauty, Cabstand in Portishead as well as from her home. 

Dr Ashley will be talking at this event about acne and rosacea to help people of all ages to overcome the fear of asking questions about this topic. She will be offering lots of evidence -based information and treatment regimes as well as give you the chance to ask questions if you would like some personal advice for your skin. She is very kind and has personal experience of problem skin and so she knows what it’s like to feel embarrassed and wants to help. It will be a safe space to discuss skin problems or if you want to just listen and learn that is absolutely fine too!

She looks forward to seeing you on the day and making you feel more positive about your skin.